How Does Hypnosis Works and Affects Consciousness?

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Published: 14th December 2010
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Hypnosis Basics: What Is Hypnosis?

When hypnosis occurs to mind, there are a range of ideas which are involved to it and sometimes people may think of it negatively since itís been believed as techniques of controlling a particular person whereas it responds to just what the hypnotist tells him to do. However, whether thereís a positive or bad intention, also there is still a science behind it and that is claimed to be proven as clinical and therapeutic treatment to treat anxiety and lessen pains nowadays.

The truth behind this mystical act is really the means a hypnotist helps a person be hypnotized as he wanted. According to hypnosis expert John Kihlstrom, hypnosis works within a reverse manner than how itís regarded at in television and entertainment. Hypnosis does react to a personís need to be hypnotized and thus have this sleep-like trance state or better yet increase suggestibility, vivid fantasies and attention.

Experiencing Hypnosis

Being hypnotized can dramatically vary from any kind of person. A lot of of them might feel a feeling of extreme relaxation and detachment in the state of hypnosis while others become unconscious, do not anymore feel their actions and in an instant be outside of their conscious volition. Some group of people though who get engaged remains fully sensitive of whatís happening and can still be able to communicate and go on with conversations.

This is why experiments have also been applied to see how hypnosis can improve and alter different perceptions to individuals under it. One researcher named Ernest Hilgard has proven that hypnosis can help to reduce pain. In his experiment, he instructed a hypnotized individual to minimize the pain on his arm while placed in iced water. As when put next to non-hypnotized participants who already removed their arms due to extreme coldness right after a few seconds, this person under hypnosis succeeded to leave his arms in the ice water for more than a few minutes and definitely, did not experience pain at all. This initial test then straightaway answered couple of questions of some people wondering, "Does hypnosis workÖ" or not. Now weíll know in the later areas.

Additionally, the use of hypnosis has already been widespread in fields of medicine, psychology and in addition stress management. Popular indications include hypnotherapy that may be useful for altering signs of ADHD, pain control during dental procedures, minimization of dementia, treatment to control pain in giving birth, chronic pain treatment particularly for rheumatic arthritis, alleviation of irritable bowel syndrome, and in some cases reduction of skin diseases those as psoriasis and warts while under proper concentration and focus.

Can You Be Hypnotized?

By these days you could possibly be shocked at how hypnosis could work yet still you may moreover have this "thing" in imagination assuring someone that you cannot be hypnotized or there are no other people who can control you but yourself. Though, itís quite possibly even more impressive by the way in which research informs you that youíre likely one of all those people that are hypnotizable than they believe . Here are some of the statistics involved:

Hint 1: Around 15% of people tend to be very reactive to hypnosis

Hint 2: Eventhough there are in addition an approximate 10% of adults exactly who are considered really difficult to hypnotize or perhaps even impossible to become hypnotized.

Hint 3: Young people are more at hazard of getting hypnotized easily.

Hint 4: People just like you can be easily absorbed to fantasies and imagination and so are more responsive to hypnosis.

So now in which you are aware of the little secrets behind it, itís very important to take note that if you are interested to be hypnotized, you have to always remember to get used to the experience by having an open mind. The foregoing will support your psyche and overall body relax, focus and continue to retain your attention while under hypnosis. Also, if you view hypnosis positively, hypnosis can function for you better as well. Speak to yourself again, does hypnosis work? It does.

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